Who We Are

Kayfas Technologies is a different sort of Start-up. We are more inclined more towards the heart than the brain. Both the heart and the brain are required to do what we do here, but since the IT field is filled with tech-savvy folks, we thought to take a different route. So below are few values that we incorporate in any project we undertake and when we deal with our precious clients.

Below are our PRIDE values:

Pay Taxes: It’s the taxes that builds the nation. We believe in paying taxes joyfully, not grudgingly. If we have the right to use the road, we also have the right to pay for the construction of the road. We understand that without the infrastructure, we cannot be engaged in high tech business as we are involved now.

Respect Authority: We believe that Authorities are good and we respect them. Be it Government or authorities for International standards. Without them there will not be a structure on which we can do reliable business. We might have our preferred political parties, but we are entitled to owner whoever comes to power.

Integrity: We work with genuine people and genuine software. We aspire to do the right thing consistently with each project we undertake. Sometimes doing the right thing can takes more time and resources, but we do not compromise. We aspire to complete the job we have undertaken on time. We also pay our bills on time and expects our clients to do the same.

Debt Free: Good health of a company can be perceived by knowing its financial health. We believe in a debt free company. We undertake only that we are sure that we can accomplish it within the stipulated time. Our pledge is not to take debts that cannot be repaid within five years.

Empathy: This world is full of skillful and able people. But we cannot neglect the less fortunate and physically and/or mentally challenged people. They also have the right to live as we do. We believe in giving people a chance to try out their talents to make a living for themselves.

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Our Values, Our Team.


Below are our Industry Experience till date. We are open to work with organizations of any industry type. Hope to share our expertise with you and take home some knowledge from your field as well. Below statistics are from data of 1 year (Aug 2016 to Sep 2017)

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Welcome to our portal. In a tech-savvy world flooded with media contents in social media sites, it has become difficult to grab attention of the right people. Before we plan on any strategy in terms of making an impact on digital world, we need to properly articulate what we do. If you can do that then we can handle the how, where and when question.  To get attention of a hyper-active young folks with short attention span we need to be on the edge not only technically but also in bringing up with new idea. Some ideas click and some backfire. Many companies have learned this the hard way. Those who learn history, tend not to make the same mistake again!

Liju K Thomas

Еntrepreneur / Kayfas Technologies Founder
Liju K Thomas
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Integrity: In the field of media it is difficult to maintain integrity and flourish at the same time. Needless to say we use genuine operating system with genuine software including adobe creative code package. We do not violate copyright laws.

Respect Authority

Respect authority: We respect the governing authority. Both center and state government authority helps us to grow and mature as a self-sustaining company that adds value to the citizens of India as well as abroad. Hence we honour and respect all authority and abide with the laws of our land.

Pay Taxes

Pay taxes: We believe that our tax helps  to build the nation. We do not pay it as an obligation but as a person who wants to see the nation developed and walk in shoulder with other nations around us.


Empathy: This world is full of skilful and able people. But we cannot forget the less fortunate and physically and mentally challenged people. We believe in giving people a chance to try out different things in order to make a living for themselves.